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Large cashmere knit frame-color angel's shawl (200cm × 78cm)

Sale price$463 USD
SKU: 1312-3292


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Composition: 100% Cashmere / plain stitch
Washable cashmere: Machine washable at home.
Model wearing color: Navy×White and Ecru Beige×Sand
Color in the product image: Dove Gray×Sand

This item made from sophisticated, luxury cashmere yarn, whose fibres are left in their natural state to enhance their natural characteristics.


Personalised items

At UTO, every piece of our cashmere scarves and stoles is thoughtfully knitted with you in mind.
Delight in the luxury tailored precisely to your desired length and shade, ensuring an exclusive piece that's distinctly yours.

1. Choose from our wide range of 25 colors. (Main-color + Frame-color)
2. Select your length.


Standard Size

inch Length Width
One Size 78.7 30.7


cm Length Width
One Size 200 78


Please allow for +/- 3% variation due to natural materials and knitwear.

Personalized custom order of women's Japanese luxury cashmere knit shawl
Large cashmere knit frame-color angel's shawl (200cm × 78cm) Sale price$463 USD


Length can be adjusted.

Experience the ultimate comfort with knit item that
feels like an extension of yourself. You’ll want to wear it for the rest of your life. Not only is it comfortable, it makes you look your best.


UTO's wide variety of 25 colors.

Indulge in the pleasure of changing colors with UTO's custom knitwear.

Finest cashmere

Knitwear made exclusively from the world’s finestcashmere without compromise


At UTO we mainly source our wool from the Alashan region of Inner Mongolia, China,
which has earned a reputation internationally for quality management.
This rare cashmere wool is particularly fine and soft.
From among nine grades of cashmere wool,
UTO uses only the highest-grade wool for its cashmere knitwear.

UTO uses cashmere made from top-grade yarn
supplied by a Japanese company specializing in yarn spinning.


Finely knit cashmere


UTO’s cashmere knitwear products are not designed to be soft only when new,
they are carefully and finely knit so that they remain soft for years,
no matter how many times they are worn and cleaned.

We want our customers to treasure our handmade cashmere products with each wearing.


Specially produced colors

Blended hues of wool create deep, captivating colors


UTO creates vivid, beautiful colors by blending between five and ten different hues of cashmere wool,
which gives depth to the final color.

Our Medium-Grey knitwear, for example, is made from a blend of black, white, light beige and light purple.
Royal Blue is also a blend of five hues of wool.

This method of blending hues also ensures color stability,
so customers can rest assured that they receive exactly the color they ordered.


Knitwear that’s made-to-order.

Pure comfort from the moment you put it on, for years to come


Experience the ultimate comfort with knitwear that feels like an extension of yourself.
You’ll want to wear it for the rest of your life.
Not only is it comfortable, it makes you look your best.

UTO’s cashmere knitwear is made to order.
Every sweater is made to measure for our customers
according to their preferred sweater length, sleeve length, and size.


Made in Japan

Cashmere products made by dedicated and passionate artisans fromJapan’s snow country


UTO’s factory is located in the city of Kitakami in Iwate Prefecture,
an area of Northern Japan blessed with four distinct seasons.

The factory’s employees specialize in cashmere and
are dedicated to making fine cashmere knitwear.
Each item is produced with careful craftsmanship,
the artisans paying close attention to detail with the patience and
resolve that people from Japan’s north are known for.

Because production is handled entirely in-house,
they take responsibility for every aspect of manufacturing and
are deeply involved in each process.

They are the faces behind every product and a source of great pride for UTO.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
It feels very comfortable for cooling

I often use it to fend off office air conditioning and during my commute. It's so light and soft that I find it useful even outside of winter.

I can usually use my favorite color scheme stole and spend a happy time.

This is my very first cashmere knit stole. Its elasticity allows it to snugly fit over my body, providing significant warmth even when draped over a coat.
The cashmere feels incredibly soft and moist to the touch, without any prickliness. Its lightweight nature ensures comfort, even when worn as a cloak.
For my stole, I opted for a primary shade of light purple complemented by a dove gray trim. The dove gray is rather unique, featuring a touch of pink that pairs elegantly with the light purple.
When I sought advice on the color combination, the representative provided detailed descriptions and photographs of various options. Their explanation was thorough and comprehensible, assisting me in finalizing this delightful color palette.
I'm genuinely thrilled to own a stole in my preferred colors for daily wear.

I'm a big fan of UTO.

Thank you for the excellent product. I've made several purchases and have always been satisfied. I plan to order again soon.