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Specially produced colors

25 vivid colors created by blending hues of
carefully and patiently dyed wool


Beautifully dyed colors of cashmere for your every mood


The colors you wear are not only a matter of fashion – they also affect your mood and state of mind. At UTO, we pay close attention to the color and feel of our cashmere knitwear. The surface feel of cashmere is wonderfully smooth, and among natural animal hair fibers, the outer layer of hair is particularly pure. As a result, the surface reflects more light, giving the material a soft luster. This smooth feel and sheen of our cashmere knitwear help bring out the vividness of each color we create.




Carefully selected top-grade wool and special dyeing methods ensure color stability


UTO uses cashmere made from top-grade yarn supplied by Toyoboshi Kogyo Co., Ltd., a Japanese company specializing in yarn spinning. The whiteness of this wool is comparatively high, making the dyed color especially vibrant and deep. The yarn is dyed prior to the fabric manufacturing stage, ensuring that the color is long lasting. While this method is the most time consuming, labor intensive and costly, it results in the very best colors. The dyeing is also carried out at relatively low temperatures to preserve the softness of the wool. Dyeing the wool slowly at low temperatures to ensure color consistency is an advanced technique that takes many years to master. Although meticulous color management is required for these processes, we are deeply committed to preserving the smooth, soft texture of cashmere while ensuring color stability.




Blended hues of wool create deep, captivating colors


UTO creates vivid, beautiful colors by blending between five and ten different hues of cashmere wool, which gives depth to the final color. Our Medium-Grey knitwear, for example, is made from a blend of black, white, light beige and light purple. Royal Blue is also a blend of five hues of wool. This method of blending hues also ensures color stability, so customers can rest assured that they receive exactly the color they ordered. UTO offers knitwear in 25 colors, giving customers plenty of options to choose from. Indulge in the pleasure of changing colors with UTO's custom knitwear.


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