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UTO Repair Service Guide


Our UTO cashmere items are lovingly crafted by our skilled artisans, dedicated to ensuring prolonged enjoyment of your products. We cherish every piece as if it's our own child and strive to see your smiles through our creations.

If your item encounters issues like holes, wear and tear, or pest damage, please reach out. We're committed to expertly managing repairs, restoring each piece as closely as possible to its original condition.

While some repairs may take time and incur costs, we assure you that our utmost effort is dedicated to each restoration.


Repair Details

Type of Repair: Mending holes (moth holes, snags, etc.)
Pricing: Quoted upon inspection
(Reference Price: $20- per hole, approximately 3mm in size)

Please Note:
 - Applicable Items: UTO products only
 - Some repairs, such as those for holes larger than 1.5cm, may be deemed unfeasible
 - While we use repair yarns that closely match the original, an exact color match may not always be possible
 - Repairs are conducted to appear as clean as possible from the surface


How to Request a Repair

Please forward the following information to our customer support email, and our team will assist you promptly during working hours.

Customer Support Email:

Ensure to include:
・Purchaser's full name
・Contact email address
・Place of purchase (Japan store, webshop)
・One frontal and two close-up photographs of the damage


Online Repair Inquiries and Process

STEP 1: Inquiring about a repair

Reach out via our repair inquiry customer support email.
Upon receiving your information and photos, we consult with our expert repair craftspeople and conduct a preliminary assessment.
Expect a reply within three to five working days following our assessment.


STEP 2: Sending Your Product

Post-consultation and quotation approval, customer support will direct you to send your item to a specified location.


STEP 3 Starting the repair

The item will be meticulously repaired by our artisans in Japan, typically within 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the nature of the repair.


STEP 4 Payment

Post-repair, our team will notify you to process the payment for repair services.


STEP 5 Return Delivery

Upon payment confirmation, your revitalized item will be delivered to your chosen address, utilizing a cash on delivery method.


For non-repair-related inquiries, please engage with our customer support through our "Contact Us" page.