UTO’s Promise

Carefully handcrafted and finely knit, UTO’s cashmere knitwear is made for the satisfaction of people around the world.



UTO’s Quality (Prologue-Story)

As soon as you wear a UTO sweater or scarf, you’ll recognize and feel its fine quality.
UTO knitwear can bring out the best in you.
You’ll feel positive.
You’ll feel like spending time with people.
That’s what genuine cashmere knitwear can do.

Made by experienced artisans using carefully selected cashmere, UTO knitwear is personally tailored for each customer.
We believe every one of our carefully knit products will inspire the people who wear them.

Instead of mass producing clothing that are likely to be thrown away, UTO makes knitwear to last.
We hope our products provide our customers with comfort and warmth for many years, including their future generations.
Our goal is to make clothing that our customers will want to wear forever.

The soothing comfort of UTO knitwear will bring a smile to your face – and smiles are contagious.
Our desire to bring happiness to people over the world motivates us to continue handcrafting UTO cashmere knitwear today.




UTO was founded in 1992 at Aoyama, Tokyo as a knitwear company.
We have our atelier in Kitakami, Iwate prefecture, and are one of the very few knitwear companies that design, manufacture and sell directly to customers.
Our yarn is produced in Japan using only the finest quality cashmere fiber from Inner Mongolia. We proudly take custom orders to create cashmere knitwear to suit each customer.

・Company name: UTO co,.ltd
・CEO: Toshikazu Uto
・Office/Showroom: 607 Tatsumura Aoyama, 5-4-35, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062
・Factory: 3-164 Jiwari 12, Shimoezuriko, Kitakami city, Iwate prefecture, 024-0073
・Date of the establishment: 1992/7/29


CEO ; Toshikazu Uto

Born in Nagasaki, Japan, Uto loves to travel. As a professional travel coordinator, he arranged a variety of unique tours in the 70s, such as providing opportunities for amateur musicians to play abroad and planning events to visit European fashion scenes for those in the clothing industry. After being fascinated by the light and soft texture of cashmere, Uto changed careers to enter the knitwear industry. He learned about fashion and the knitwear industry through business with various countries including the UK, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. With the aim of providing the world’s best knitwear, Uto established his own company “bhf International” in 1992 which is located in Minami Aoyama Tokyo. The company name was changed to UTO in 2000. UTO then opened a factory in Yamanashi in 2005, and in 2011 moved it to Kitakami, Iwate to support the recovery of the local economy after the earthquake.