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Japanese Born Cashmere Yarn, A Material the World Recognizes

World's Top Spinners Praise, The Highest Quality Raw Material

In the apparel industry, a product is labelled "Made in Japan" if its final manufacturing step, specifically 'sewing,' is executed in Japan. This means that even if the fabric or yarn isn't domestically produced, the item can still be classified as "Made in Japan" if it's sewn in the country. Currently, the majority of yarn used in products labelled "Made in Japan," especially those featuring luxurious materials like cashmere, is not actually made in Japan, but is mass-produced in China. This situation is similar to the one with "Made in Italy" products, where processes besides fabric creation and sewing often take place in China.

In this context, UTO employs 100% cashmere yarn produced by TOYO-BOSHI KOGYO Industrial and FUKAKI WOOLLEN TEXTILE CO., LTD. These Japanese companies are acknowledged members of the Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute (CCMI). The CCMI is often referred to as the "World Cup team" of the global spinning industry. Moreover, UTO carries out all manufacturing processes in its own factory in Iwate, Japan. Thus, not only is the final product "Made in Japan", but the yarn is as well. Impressively, the cashmere raw material used in this yarn is of a grade equivalent to, or exceeding, that used by the world's top-tier brands.

However, specialist terms such as "white cashmere," "first-class raw cashmere," and "average fiber length of 37mm, fiber diameter less than 15.7 microns" might be puzzling to the general public. It could sound ironic, but despite being acknowledged as world-class by experts in cashmere knitwear materials, it remains quite challenging to earn recognition from ordinary people.

By using "world-class raw materials" spun into yarn through Japan's globally acknowledged spinning techniques, and each piece of cashmere knitwear meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Kitakami, Iwate, we confidently assert that our products can stand up to any famous global brands.

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