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UTO knitwear is easy to care for at home.

UTO's cashmere knitwear grows softer through repeated washing, and we recommend that you wash it at home. We hope you'll enjoy this luxurious product by learning the features of the natural material and maintaining it in good condition.

・Never wear the same item for two days in a row so the fibres can regain their natural softness and consistency.
・Use a dry course, hand wash course, or other gentle course from washing to completion of dehydration.
・Wash with room temperature water (less than 30°C). Wash only one piece at a time using detergent for washing wool.
・Shape into the original size, and air dry naturally in a flat, well-ventilated area in the shade.
・Iron the garment to remove winkles and restore its shape.
・Fold the item and store it with a natural moth repellent.