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UTO's Cashmere

<!-- 色へのこだわり -->Specially produced colors

Specially produced colors

25 vivid colors created by blending hues of carefully and patiently dyed wool   Beautifully dyed colors of cashmere for your every mood  The colors you wear are not only a matter of fashion – they...

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<!-- カスタムオーダーへのこだわり -->Made-to-order knitwear

Made-to-order knitwear

A snug fit that’s a pleasure to wear.Custom order knitwear, crafted just for you.   Pure comfort from the moment you put it on, for years to come   Experience the ultimate comfort with knitwear t...

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<!-- モノづくりへのこだわり -->Craftsmanship


Cashmere products made by dedicated and passionate artisans from Japan’s snow country   Experts working with cashmere year-round   UTO’s factory is located in the city of Kitakami in Iwate Prefect...

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<!-- 素材へのこだわり -->Finest cashmere

Finest cashmere

Knitwear made exclusively from the world’s finestcashmere without compromise   Crafted Exclusively with Certified Top-Grade Cashmere Wool   Cashmere wool feels comfortable on the skin and is a del...

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