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Nurtured with Love, Our Fluffy Cashmere Knitwear

Wash it yourself, deepen your attachment. It will conform to your body even more.

Our Angel Stole from UTO, as its name suggests, is as light and soft as an angel, a product we take great pride in. Back in 1992, when our company was founded, we engaged in countless trials with our craftsmen to create an impeccably soft and fluffy knit. The result was this stole, which has become my most cherished item in winter.

As winter arrives, this Angel Stole becomes an everyday necessity. But using the same item every day can feel mundane, so I rotate between several stoles. During the season, I wash them 2-3 times, but never send them to the cleaners. My wife carefully washes them using the delicate mode of our washing machine, using commercial detergent and softener. The machine takes care of everything up to the final spin, so it doesn't require any special efforts.

Moreover, part of the reason I wash the stole myself is to perform a practical test on UTO's products. I wash my cashmere sweaters in the washing machine as well and observe how they change. Since UTO's cashmere knitwear is designed not to shrink when washed, we reassure our customers by saying, 'We recommend washing UTO's cashmere knitwear at home.'

During a recent conversation with a customer about washing, I recommended she try washing at home, but she seemed unsure. When I showed her my Angel Stole that I have been using for over 10 years and has slightly changed its shape due to frequent washing, she was surprised and said, 'Wow! Even though the Angel Stoles in the store are very soft, this one has become even softer!'

Impressed by my daily used and home-washed stole, she decided to make a purchase, exclaiming, 'I never imagined it could become so fluffy!' Since then, whenever customers in our Aoyama, Tokyo store purchase an Angel Stole, UTO staff show them my own stole.

When washing the Angel series at home, we recommend folding it and placing it in a laundry net to maintain its shape. Please give it a try.

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