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Creating Cashmere Fluffy③ The Hair Washing Process

Pure white cashmere gradually emerges from murky water


The selected cashmere goat's wool proceeds to the washing process. The wool is placed in a 50-meter-long washing machine and is washed several times, initially disappearing in the murky water. As the washing progresses, the water gradually becomes clearer, and finally, after being thoroughly washed and dried, what emerges is pure white wool. However, at this stage, the cashmere's characteristic fluffy feel is not yet present, as the coarse hairs are still mixed in.

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Creating Cashmere Fluffy④ The "Seimou" Process

The "seimou" process, unique and vital to cashmere production, separates the soft, downy hairs from the coarse, prickly ones, thereby defining the quality of the raw material.

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The labor-intensive task of "domou" sorting, performed by local women, significantly contributes to cashmere production and job creation.

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